A Note to Our Travelers

Please be advised that information about travel can change any time. This is true for activities, events, tours…..and especially prices! Please contact GoGo Travel directly to obtain the most recent information and prices. Our blog is updated regularly and provides guidance through our personal experiences but as a result cannot be responsible for others experiences while travelling.

  • Call your consultant at GoGo Travel to get the most up to date travel info.
  • Keep copies of all documents and confirmations with you while travelling.
  • Call ahead for confirmation.
  • Ask questions of the tour operator prior to the tour.
  • Call GoGo Travel again if you have any questions.

Our guidance doesn’t end with this website. GoGo Travel consultants give your access to the most current trip planning information. We can gain you access to the best airfare, accommodation, and car rental deals. Call your consultant at GoGo Travel today!

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