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Amanda Dyer is the Owner and a Travel Consultant and Trip Strategist in Portland, Oregon with GoGo Travel LLC.

Amanda Dyer is a premier Travel Agent and Consultant.

After 10 distinguished yeas as the owner of WestBend Realty Company in Bend, Oregon, Amanda turned her passion for travel into a career. With over 16 years of banking, finance, and entrepreneurship under her belt and already well-traveled, Amanda founded GoGo Travel LLC. GoGo Travel agents offer luxury and adventure custom travel itineraries based on the concept of extraordinary service.

GoGo Travel LLC is a travel agency offering luxury island vacations and adventure tours world wide. We are a travel consulting agency that specializes in luxury voyages and adventure tourism and travel. We provide consulting and custom travel arrangements for our clients. Our agents match traveler needs with the most appropriate accommodations along with supporting services not offered by other companies.

Amanda and her family have traveled to every corner of the globe over the past 10 years.

She has visited and is intimately familiar with the destinations she recommends to her clients. Amanda Dyer has incredible depth of knowledge of many destinations world wide and an upbeat, positive attitude when working with clients. This has made her a favorite contact and the best travel agent for luxury and adventure vacations in the Portland, Oregon area.

Amanda Dyer currently lives in Portland, Oregon

with her two children Cozette Ann and Ford Dean. She loves to adventure solo and travel with her family. She is also an avid painter and you can see her work at

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