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FREE_2018_2019_Official_Hawaiian _Islands_Visitors_Guide_&_Vacation_Planner
2018/2019 Official Hawaiian Islands Visitors Guide

Hawaii Guide: What’s Inside?

This Hawaii guide & vacation planner provides detailed information on all six of the Hawaiian Islands. It includes an overview for each island with top attractions and activities, island maps, accommodations, dining, shopping, and resources for wedding and honeymoons.

Six Islands of aloha:Six_Islands_of_Paradise_Hawaiian_Islands_map
  • Hawai’i- ‘The Big Island’
  • Oahu – ‘The Gathering Place’
  • Maui – ‘The Valley Isle’
  • Kaua’i – ‘The Garden Isle’
  • Moloka’i – ‘The Friendly Isle’
  • Lana’i – ‘The Pineapple Isle’

Includes information on:

  • Hawaiian Culture & History
  • Events & Festivals
  • Flights & Transportation
  • Climate & Dress
  • Safety
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Useful Phone Numbers, Websites, and Apps

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