Packing for Hawaii: Packing Tips to Expect the Unexpected

When packing for Hawaii expect the unexpected.

You want to be prepared. Here are a few packing tips for your next Hawaii or beach vacation.

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Hawaii Packing Tips:

Prepare for the Weather

  • Prepare for unexpected weather. Weather in Hawaii can be unpredictable. It can rain, really rain, at any time on the wet side of an island. A Travel Consultant can advise more on the geography and climate of your chosen destination. Check the weather and be prepared but don’t let it discourage your activities. Go for it! Pack a poncho, or light and packable raincoat/shell if you are going to a location where rain is possible.
  •  But I bet you came for the warm, sunny weather! Always remember your sunscreen and hat. Buy reef safe sunscreen for ocean swimming. Check your ingredients to make sure you are protecting the marine wildlife and our environment.  The dangerous common ingredient is oxybenzone, which kills coral and causes DNA damage. This prevents coral in its larval stage from reaching adulthood. Oxybenzone traps it in its own skeleton, making it unable to float within currents for distribution. Oxybenzone is also linked to coral bleaching, wherein corals expel the colorful algae living inside them. This leaves the bleached-looking exoskeleton behind and ultimately leads to coral-reef death.
  • Three reef safe sunscreens are: Green People, Badger Healthy Body Care, and my favorite Raw Elements.

Pack Light Clothing

  • Light and casual dress is the standard in Hawaii. Bring shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuits.
  • Bring (or pick up in the islands) a simple dress, dress shirt, and long pants for a night out.
  • Shop for resort fashions, print aloha shirts, and dresses when you get here.

Be Ready for Adventure

  • There are many opportunities for adventure in Hawaii. Hiking, Biking, Zipline, Tours, the possibilities are endless. For outdoor or rugged activities bring comfortable close toed shoes (sneakers) and a light backpack.
  • If you are planning on a helicopter tour during your stay in the Hawaiian Islands than you are in for a real treat! Bring a dark colored shirt and pants for the heli-tour. Wearing dark colors reduced the glare on the windows inside the helicopter, allowing you and your fellow passengers a better view.

Travel Light

  • Many airlines now charge for checked baggage. Pack only your carry-on if you can. You can do it, really. If you are planning on shopping pack a duffel or other collapsible bag inside your carry-on to check on the way back home.


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