Trip Planning with GoGo Travel LLC: Itinerary Design with a Travel Consultant

Trip Planning: The process of Itinerary Design with a Travel Consultant

At GoGo Travel we create custom trips and itinerary design, precisely tailored for individuals and small groups.

More than just trip planning. The travel consultants at GoGo Travel LLC use all the experience gleaned from our well-worn passports to provide fully you expertly planned, customized journeys.  You bring us your ideal travel experience and a ball park budget, and we’ll make your dream come to reality.

Luxury, Adventure, Solo travel, Family reunions, Milestone Birthdays, Romantic Honeymoons, and Summer Holidays with your kids are all our specialty. Let us devote the necessary hours to plan the trip so you don’t have to. Making your vacation stress free.


Trip Planning & Strategy: Ready to Start?

Our trip planning process is very collaborative and complete, progressing from our first conversation , through creating the framework,and adding all the little details, to your welcome home.


At this stage, we will lay the groundwork for the final design of your trip. An initial consultation by phone or in person (if possible) determines exactly what sort of travel experience you’d like, where and when you would like to travel, and your ideal budget range. Based on our discussion, we formulate a trip strategy with preliminary ideas and suggestions. We will also tell you about our Trip Design Fee. This a charge that recognizes our destination knowledge and the logistical expertise required to plan a trip.

Green Light

Next, You give us the ‘green light’ to proceed with the designing of your trip. Review our services and fees for trip planning and and our Traveler Agreement and Terms and Conditions. We may collect a small, non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your trip.

Itinerary Design

Together we work on building the framework of your itinerary and fine tune your trip strategy. We discuss ideal flight and accommodation and provide advice on the overall flow of the trip, which includes how many nights you will spend in each place. Hotel choices and transportation decisions (planes, trains, automobiles, ferries, etc.) are made and we discuss the types of activities you can do when you are there. Our aim is to land on a initial itinerary with an approximate trip price.

Once you give approval of your itinerary, we start making reservations and confirming arrangements. Your payments will become due at the time the reservations are made or deposits are collected.


Filling in the Blanks

Here in the trip planning process we get to share with you some of our favorite people, places, and things to do and see. Tell us how much or how little you would like to do and we build the tailor made excursions and hands on experiences to make your trip unforgettable. Your travel consultant will make recommendations to our favorite restaurants, cafes, wine bars, bakeries, vineyards and gelaterie (Yes, we love to eat and drink) and make any necessary reservations in advance. If you choose to do more or less than what we discussed in the itinerary design stage, there are adjustments to the trip price.

The Finished Product

When you are happy with the trip, we reconfirm the arrangement and reservations and email you a confirmed itinerary. A few weeks prior to departure, you will receive a custom trip package that includes all the need to know information about your trip, important phone numbers at your destination, and some of our suggestions for places you might want to discover while you are away. This information is sent electronically and by hard copy, upon request.

Bon Voyage

The adventure begins and those well laid plans unfold. We keep an eye on things from behind the scenes. We also know that you may need our assistance from the road. You will have our contact details for every step of the journey. From the time you depart to the time you walk back in your front door, call on us any time and we can troubleshoot from afar.

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Contact your personal Travel Consultant to get started on your next adventure!

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