How to Score TSA PreCheck and Skip the Lines

Get TSA Precheck and Skip the Lines

Ever wonder how to whiz through the TSA security lines? What are these people doing different? They’re not rich, or famous, they have TSA Precheck.

The TSA Precheck is an expedited security screening program that provides travelers with smarter security and a better air travel experience. It allows qualified and low risk passengers traveling in the United States to receive expedited screening at airport security checkpoints.

How to Score TSA Precheck

Because there is an up front in depth screening of passengers, TSA is able to focus more on travelers they know less about. First, you must complete an application on the TSA Precheck Website or at an enrollment center.  Next, they will conduct a background check, take your finger prints, you will sit for an interview, and you will pay a fee. The fee is currently $85 for a full 5 year period. Finally, you will receive a Known Traveler Number to use when making your flight reservations. On the positive side, most applicants are approved in less than two weeks.

TSA PreCheck Airports and Airlines-150 Nationwide

Provide your known traveler number to your travel agent or consultant.

Make sure each airline you fly with has your known traveler number prior to or at the time of ticketing. After your known traveler number is entered with the airline, it will stay on your traveler profile for future ticketing.

Then, the airline will print and indicator on your boarding pass or an indicator will appear on your boarding pass or digital ticket. In that case, with this indicator you can move through security in designated precheck lanes which are considerably shorter.

Precheck Perks

Whereas other travelers wait in standard security lines, TSA Precheck members enjoy access to designated precheck lanes. The result is a more efficient airport security screening process at over 150 airports nationwide. Passengers may leave on their belts, jackets ,hats, and shoes. Travelers also pass through security leaving their 3-1-1 liquids and electronics, including laptops, in their bag. This saves a lot of time in the TSA screening process. It can cut wait times in half.

TSA Precheck Perks: Standard Screening vs TSA Precheck Screening“I have been a TSA Pre-Check member for several years.   It is totally worth the money.  It is not utilized by every airline and not available at every airport.  But the security process is very streamlined when it is available.  No taking off shoes, belts, removing lap-tops from bag saves a huge amount of time.  I have often saved 20 min or longer in Security screening time.”

It is best to get TSA Precheck by enrolling in the Global Entry program

– it is the Trusted Traveler program for re-entry to the US.  With that enrollment, one also automatically qualifies for TSA Precheck.

For more information on the TSA Precheck program check out these FAQ.

To apply for TSA Precheck  visit the TSA Precheck Website.

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